Extended Project Research trip

Extended Project Qualification Research Trip

On Friday 1st December QES EPQ students were privileged to be given access to the myriad resources available at Lancaster University Library.  Students were given a tour of the newly refurbished internationally renowned Library before they were given an induction and access to hundreds of thousands of online journals, articles, periodicals and eBooks.  We then had a break for lunch where students were free to explore the University campus, and dine at one of the many diverse university eateries.  After lunch we reconvened in the Library where we were given access to the Library book stock and were given help by two academic researchers as well as Librarians.  Not only was the trip an excellent chance to gather research and resources for their EPQ, students also enjoyed a taste of student life and independent learning at undergraduate level, with many of them keen to come back to use the facilities in the their own time.  Particular thanks go to Librarians Andy Holgate, Natalia Klaaser and Paul Newman for an excellent day!






The McGarry’s are coming!

On Friday the 13th October we have the multi talented McGarry family coming into school.  Father Steve, has been nominated many times for a vast array of illustration awards, and went on to win the National Cartoonist Society Newspaper Illustration award in 2003. Steve has a number of specialisms, including illustration, cartoon illustration, story artistry and working on record sleeves. Steve will be joined by his two sons, Luke and Joe, who specialise in Illustration, animation and design. Ask Miss S or Mrs Holman for more details.


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Wondering how to vote?

Do you want to know what the policies are of individual parties or discover how you truly feel about certain areas of politics?
Look no further than the library!
We will be putting every parties manifesto out in the Sixth form library as they become available.
If you didn’t know we also get newspapers in both newspapers daily.
We’ll be showing live BBC footage on the 8th and 9th, at periods throughout the election.


Deadline to reg is 22nd May and you can still register if you’re 17 but will turn 18 on or before the 8th June. Click to register here: https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote
If you can’t wait to get researching here are some useful links

We also have loads of very informative resources available in the library:

Chavs: the demonization of the working class by Owen Jones

The End of the Party by Andrew Rawnsley

The Establishment: and how they get away with it by Owen Jones

A Young Citizens guide to local government

A Young Citizens guide to parliament

A History of modern Britain by Andrew Marr

Das Kapital: a critique of political economy

Moranthology – Caitlin Moran

Nudge: Improving decisons about Health, Wealth and happiness by Thaler and Sunstein

The political animal by Jeremy Paxman

This changes everything: Capitalism vs. the climate by Naomi Klein

A Young citizens guide to political parties

On Liberty by Shami Chakrabarti